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625 S. Fifth Ave.
Lebanon, PA 17042
800-285-5000 (Main Office)
800 950-5046, x4370 Tracking, Customer Service

Our Service Coverage

  • Headquarters in Lebanon, Pa.
  • Northeast United States; Quebec,Canada; and Puerto Rico

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New Penn Pulse

New Penn seeks new drivers to meet customer demand

Growing customer demand means that New Penn is opening its cab doors to new drivers.

With a significant upturn in shipping volumes, New Penn seeks to hire approximately 100 skilled, professional drivers this year to add to its award-winning team. 

New Penn drivers are among the safest, most skilled, and most courteous in the industry, and we are seeking more of the best to keep pace with the rapidly expanding marketplace. 

As a testament to the types of drivers New Penn hires, two New Penn professional drivers recently took top-honors at their respective state truck driving competitions: Marc Ditomasso--RI Truck Driving 4-axle champ, and Rich Walton--PA Truck Driving 3-axle-champ. Next step--Nationals!

To remain industry leaders in on-time, claims-free, next-day deliveries, we at New Penn rely upon exceptionally talented drivers like Marc and Rich.

Commitment to safety and customer service are key at New Penn, and with those values we've established ourselves as the regional leaders in next-day shipping.

Join the safety experts at New Penn by completing our online job application here.

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